APN Professional Development Plan


An Advanced Practice Nurse, popularly known as an APN, is a nurse who has taken extra training to handle certain cases that require special knowledge. APNs aid the patients to get a deeper understanding of what the illness is about and how it can be treated in order to recover early.

On the other hand, a Profession Development Plan (PDP) is a working paper that outlines the scope of practice for an APN. It describes the additional knowledge a nurse has acquired while studying to exercise his/her licensure as an advanced practitioner in nursing.

Professional development plan essays are work papers written and submitted during the application process for schools with APN programs, or when applying for residency or job opportunities that require a license in advanced practice nursing.

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A Professional Development Plan (PDP) for APNs will serve as a guideline for improving their practice, motivating them, and ensuring they meet set standards and goals.

Together, the two help advanced nurses in the fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities. Hence, if you are an APN looking for some professional development plan ideas or searching for help with writing your own PDP, here’s a guide on getting started.

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Qualities of a Great APN Profession Development Plan

a) Every APN professional development plan should start with a short introductory paragraph.

b) The following part of the PDP must present information on what is expected from the APN in terms of duties, responsibilities, and performance for the next one or two years. This will include a description of specific goals and objectives, which will be used to evaluate the success of your work.

c) Followed by this are details on how you intend to accomplish these objectives and goals using certain strategies, such as continuing education, mentorship programs, self-learning methods, or similar activities. You should make sure that this part is as clear and concise as should be.

d) The next part factors in the resources that the APN will need during this period to achieve his/ her goals and objectives.

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What is the Scope of APN Profession Development Plan

The scope of the APN Profession Development Plan is to train the APN with genuine experience. The scope of the APN Profession Development Plan is not restricted to the academic level but also serves for on-job training.

Here are some important parts included in this plan:

  • APN competencies and learning objectives;
  • Learning activities, approaches, strategies as well as assessment methods;
  • A typical sequence of development activities for different APNs at different points in time; and
  • A comprehensive review method for the nurse’s professional development program.

What are the Best APN Profession Development Plan Ideas?

The best APN Profession Development Plan ideas include the following:

  1. APN competencies and learning objectives: This is the starting point of the APN profession development plan.
  2. Learning activities, approaches, strategies, and assessment methods: The next step is to identify the most effective approach suitable for each APN level (i.e., graduate nurse, registered nurse, experienced advanced practice nurse).
  3. Evaluation methods and tools: It is also important to identify the ways each APN can evaluate their progress individually, as well as how they want to be evaluated by supervisors or peers.
  4. Professional development outcome and recommendations: At this stage finalizing the APN profession development plan, depending on cultural values and organizational needs of an organization will help address this part. The final stage requires action plan ideas for improvement areas that are included in the APN professional development plan during effective implementation from now on until achieving graduate school goals.

What are the 4 APN Roles that DO accomplish the plan for APN Professional Development?

  1. The first role is a teacher. The educational needs of nurses are many and varied. It is important that APN knows not only what they should teach but also how they can best present this information in a way that students will easily understand.
  2. The second role for which I recommend you pursue professional development is as a researcher.
  3. Then we have the leader role which consists of change agents. These individuals are critical to the success of integrating new and innovative ideas into APN practice.
  4. Lastly, we have the care coordinator role which involves working with a team of health care providers that are responsible for coordinating patient treatments so they can be carried out in the best possible way while minimizing risk factors and improving quality outcomes.

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