APN Professional Development Plan


Nurse education is a lifelong process. Nursing practice is dynamic and requires nurses always to be learning. An Advanced Practice Nurse is someone who will always be learning. Nurse education is an ongoing process, and the professional development for APN will need to be ongoing as well.

While at it, a Professional Development Plan is a good tool for all professionals to utilize in their careers. It is a process that allows an individual to clearly define what they are trying to accomplish and how they plan on achieving it.

By writing your own Professional Development Plan you essentially create your own blueprint for success that empowers you with the knowledge that you have control of your life’s path.

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This article takes you through the ups and downs of the APN Professional Development Plan and how you can come up with a great one.

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Why APNs Need a Professional Development Plan

Advanced Practice Nurses require a Professional Development Plan for various reasons.

a. Workforce Planning

APNs are the specialists of the future, and they will be a vital part of any health care team.  The NHS in England is encountering an aging baby boomer population coupled with chronic diseases (COPD, diabetes, etc) that require holistic care.

Having a Professional Development Plan allows them to reflect on their own learning needs so they can maintain their skills and knowledge base, thus ensuring safe outcomes for patients

b.  Education and Training

With a professional development plan, APNs are able to reflect on their current role, and what they need to know next.  Most of us are continuously learning and growing personally, professionally, and spiritually; therefore we should make sure our workplace supports this growth.

This allows them to identify what coursework or training they should take to improve their practice for the benefit of patients.

c. Professional Advancement

The plan helps with gaining recognition for your professional development goals from your employer. A plan demonstrates that you have a sense of direction that is shared by colleagues and employers and that it will help you to achieve your goals.

A plan can help in the advancement of an APN because it demonstrates leadership, direction, and a commitment to continuous learning. It also offers a way for APNs to obtain recognition for their contributions which may be used as evidence when applying for further education or promotion.

d. Future Opportunities

The plan gives APNs a vehicle with which to demonstrate their commitment and potential for career growth. When an employer is reviewing candidates who are applying for positions that will require advanced degrees or multiple years of experience, the plan becomes a ‘road map’ outlining each step that is ahead.

The nurse’s development goals and past accomplishments can become the employer’s benchmark when searching for someone who has shown drive in previous experiences within the organization.

e. Present Performance

A plan can help you determine what your next goal should be by breaking down your objective into more manageable pieces—it helps you understand what it takes to succeed in any given role and how you might realistically achieve your future goals.

Best APN Professional development plan

How to Develop an APN Professional Development Plan

Any nurse can easily come up with a professional development plan by following these simple steps:

a) Have a Clear Idea of What You Want

APN professional development plan is all about knowing exactly where you want to go and what needs to be done in order for you to get there.  You will need a clear idea of where your strengths are as well as potential areas for improvement.

b) Get Answers from Your Supervisor

Before formulating any plans, it is important that you ask your supervisor about the type of professional development plan they would like you to create or if they have a sample APN professional development plan already available.

Your supervisor will be able to work with you better if he/she can see exactly how the planned activities tie in with the goals set by the organization.

c) Consider What Kinds of Accomplishments Matter

The main goal of an APN professional development plan is not just meeting the stipulated goals in the plan, but it should also reflect the actual growth of the APN.

This means that getting the educational requirements done is not enough; you should also include items like having a certain number of board certifications, writing journal articles, publishing case studies, or presenting papers at conferences in your plan.

d) Create Your Professional Development Plan

You have all the basic idea of what your professional development plan is all about, now all you have to do is create the plan itself. This should include the general structure of your plan, and you will also need to fill in each section with details.

You can use our APN professional development plan samples on this page as guidelines while writing your own professional development plan essay.

e) Review Your Plan and Edit Where Possible

It never hurts looking back at your writing and making sure that it is the best it can be. There are so many mistakes that we all make when writing, but there are some mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs if you want your APN professional development plan paper to appear professional.

Tips to Making Your PDP Successful

1. Be Specific

One of the most important keys to success when writing a professional development plan essay is being specific. It can be incredibly difficult to write a detailed APN Professional Development Plan if you have not been given any specifics about what your leaders or supervisors are looking for.

You do not want to risk getting a bad grade by submitting something that was not put together in a general format, and you also do not want to risk having your work ignored because it did not follow the proper APN Professional Development Plan format.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency matters as well!  You need to be consistent with the formatting, spelling, and grammar within your APN professional development plan paper or else it will look sloppy!

If you start your APN professional development plan paper by using an example from a clinical setting, then every other clinical scenario needs to be introduced in the same format.

3. Be Specific

By being specific within your APN Professional Development Plan, you are helping others understand what exactly is expected out of you when completing a project. By being specific, you take away any potential miscommunication and therefore avoid any confusion.

4. Be Professional

It’s time to start laying down some groundwork for your APN professional development plan paper! In order to lay down the groundwork, have the APN give a short overview of the purpose of an APN professional development plan.

In order to do this, you need to be able to clearly define what an APN professional development plan is in the first place.

5. Avoid Empty Phrases

In your APN Professional Development Plan paper, you want to steer clear of using any empty phrases that are irrelevant to the topic at hand. Not only will they make your paper seem less credible but they will also distract those who read your paper from the relevant information. Be sure not to fall, victim!

6. Spell Check & Proofread

Believe it or not, there is still a need for people out there who know how to proofread and spellcheck their work after writing. You do not want to give the impression that you did not try to spell everything correctly or proofread for grammar mistakes.

7. Make Sure That Your Paper Meets Acceptable Standards of Formatting

Your APN professional development plan essay should follow the acceptable standards of formatting when it comes down to using a format for titles and subtitles as well as margins and indents in your writing.

By doing these things, you are making sure that everyone will be able to read through your argument clearly with no problem at all and that they will get what you are saying easier than if you ignored these parts

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Final Take

Getting the perfect APN Professional Development Plan may not always be easy and that creates the need for having writers that you can always hire to help you through such tough times.

Do not hesitate to place an order with us if you are having trouble with your professional development plan creation. We have the tutors and writers that you need to turn your idea into something worthwhile and real.