business logistics

please see a comment expected. as you have done most of it please see what more you can do .

1. You do need to define the products in the three products’ categories; this will help you with your assumptions of the cost, useful to calculate the insurance. do use the right formula to calculate the insurance . It is up to you how many products and what products you will have in each product category.
2. Do decide on the incoterm you will use (from a shortlist of incoterms) for your order as this will also define some of the sections in your FMEA and do justify your reply
3. Do write the report as if you are speak on behalf of the team of the super market’s logistics team) or in the third person to follow the official, professional guidelines.
4. Do pay attention to your FMEA
5. You may wish to include a table of key terms like logistics, incoterms, etc (all the main terms, concepts and tools) you will refer to in your report. As you are part of the logistics team, you may wish to inform the other departments of your role and challenges and train them about your department as part of a knowledge management business strategy.
6. Conduct your research to find the best port, route, shipping line. The key is the way you justify your choices . Do not forget the customs regulations.
7. Conclusion / Solution: Should include key findings, key actions, the replies to the Assignment questions, key risks, key choices with the appropriate justification referring to your situational analysis and research. You may wish to speak about Green logistics and ethics. Ensure that you link this to your project of shipping-stocking the products in your super market
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basically the last bit about the ports was not correct as the writer just stick a port in without any reason for selecting or compare with another . also the regulation was not define just a but of waffle that there are regulation .. what are they ??
basically the paer is about 75 % complete
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Hi thanks for getting back but you have not 1) mention a port in USA to ship from 2) list any document required e.g bill of lading, shipping ,insurance 3) for consolidation no actual calculation for the use of the 40 ft container ..same for fright 4) list at least 3 regulations from both side USA and uk .
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hi thanks for sending a draft so quickly .(and so far so good except i have noted the section on the following was not stated or define : Use all the knowledge acquired to include:
1- Choice of the port of origin and shipping line
2- Would you consolidate or not?
3- Would you air freight some products or not?
4- What are the customs regulations?
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Develop a Procurement, Supply Chain, Negotiation report; c. 1,700 words


Martland is a major supermarket chain in the UK with 50 stores across the London
metropolitan area.

It is looking to increase its customer-base especially with the presence of a lot of competition
(other supermarkets, small shops, mini-marts and mum and dad shops).
After careful review of the demand, the competition, the demographics and the supplier’s
Performance, the board decided to import products exclusively for them.

A team of procurement specialists was sent to the USA to source products in the following
1- Specialty snacks (chips, popcorn, chocolates etc…)
2- Healthy snacks
3- Green Cleaning products

It is to be noted that the food products chosen have a long shelf life (more than 18 months).
Suppliers were chosen all around the USA and the final contract with each supplier is not
signed pending a full study by the supply chain and logistics department.

You are part of the Logistics department, please detail the decision process to find the most
economical and safest way to ship the products to the central depot in Southampton.

Present the assumptions and constraints as well as the cost associated with the options you
might consider.

Use all the knowledge acquired to include:
1- Choice of the port of origin and shipping line
2- Would you consolidate or not?
3- Would you air freight some products or not?
4- What are the customs regulations?

Note the following:
1- Martland’ aim is to increase its customer-base but also to make a higher margin on
the new imported products (usually up to 40%).

2- The cost of logistics is the major variable in the COGS and minimizing it whilst
ensuring product availability is critical.

3- Assume the following:

a. Most products (90 products) are procured from 30 suppliers in the USA.
Therefore no ONE supplier will have enough volume to fill a full 40-foot

b. 10 of the products are procured from one supplier and it is more than enough
to fill 5 * 40-foot containers at every order.

c. Assume that all suppliers have the same lead time to delivery.

d. Assume that Martland will place orders 3 times per year (every 4 months).