This assignment asks you to complete the case study on “Gentle Rest Slumber, LLC” on page 276 of the text (the end of Chapter 8). In completing this assignment, you are asked to answer the following questions, found on page 276 of the text under Case Study Analysis: 8-25, 8-26, 8-27 and 8-28.

In preparing a case, it is recommended that your first reading/viewing be a relatively quick one. Read the case and watch the video once, and make some notes: Who and what are involved here? What seems to be the major questions or issues?
Then, take a second and more thorough reading of the case, testing your preliminary conclusions from the first reading concerning the major problems and key players.

Next, begin shifting through the facts in the case and sorting them out in terms that are useful to you in analyzing and resolving the major issues. Keep in mind that case facts are presented in a more orderly fashion than they tend to be in the real world, but you should not assume that they are all equally useful, or that they are properly and fully related as presented in the case.

Finally, write a clear, concise, and thorough report of your analysis and recommendations. Each case study is a minimum of two pages and a maximum of three pages in length (not including the cover page, any abstract, and references) and professional in appearance. Case study assignments should be in APA format. Margins should all be 1″ and the font should be no larger than 12. It should be set at 1.5 spacing. It will be necessary to complete research using the ESC Library in order to satisfactorily complete this assignment.

This study of entrepreneurship presents the student with the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to synthesize the theoretical concepts with practical applications given the realities of the modern business environment. Entrepreneurship, by definition, is the act of organizing, operating and risk assumption for business ventures. Given that the entrepreneur is somewhat of an impresario, the individual has much flexibility in the paths chosen to launch an enterprise. Your written submission, provided it is well-reasoned and well-argued, is as valid as anyone’s. “Well-reasoned” and “well-argued” means a written assignment is supported by logical and relevant principles, ideas and arguments, and one that discusses as thoroughly the arguments against the conclusion as those for the conclusion. Obviously, your written assignments should be one that has gone through several drafts. This is the rare course in which writing, and all the work preparatory to writing should take you longer than the reading of the assigned material.

There are due dates to adhere to, if you are not able to comply, you should contact me immediately to ensure your continued participation in the course.

Your work will be evaluated based on the following:

· Writing Quality – All assignments must be submitted in a double spaced format. Citations and bibliography are to follow APA Format. The quality of your written assignments is very important. Always bear in mind that how well you write is a direct reflection of the amount of effort you have put into the final result. Accordingly, writing quality, since it often directly impacts material content, weighs heavily in the final evaluation of your work. All work submitted should be double spaced, carefully proofread and professional in appearance. Moreover, any work taken from another source must be properly footnoted with a bibliography included with the assignment. Particularly note the requirements with regard to footnoting. All words that are not your own should be footnoted; however, please remember that extensive quotation does not demonstrate your knowledge as much as your ability to select “good quotes.” Your thoughts and conclusions, rather than those of the authors studied, are what is to be emphasized in the assignments, although you will use the authors studied to support and explain your opinions and conclusions. Students can receive writing assistance through The Writer’s Complex.

· Confirmation of data – When making statements such as, “60% of working adults are in favor of banning smoking in all public establishments.” Be sure to include the source of the data.

. Evidence of independent thought – Regurgitating the text is an exercise in futility. Please make an effort to bring your own perspective, supported by relevant data to the discussion. Additional research to strengthen your arguments is highly encouraged. Doing so via the Internet will facilitate the process.

Remember, merely producing a written assignment will not satisfy the requirements for the module, nor will it result in a very good grade. Content and the quality of your analysis, use of the principles studied, and the thoroughness and logical nature of your proposal will be the true measures of your progress.

I place a high value on continuous improvement in students’ work throughout the course. It is my habit to respond to students’ work with extensive comments, which are designed to expand a student’s perspective and encourage improvement of subsequent assignments over the previous ones. Therefore, even though one’s initial effort my be less than I would like to see, you should not be discouraged, since there will be ample opportunity to recover as the course progresses. Finally, I trust it is understood that all criticism will be constructive, that is designed to help you improve subsequent work.

Your written assignments will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

A Hierarchy of Evaluation Categories From the Vermont Portfolio Project

Exceptional Achievement: The student produces convincingly argued evaluation or proposal; identifies a subject, describes it appropriately, and asserts a judgment of it; gives reasons and specific evidence to support the argument; engages the reader immediately, moves along logically and coherently and provides closure; reflects awareness of reader’s questions or alternative evaluations. Assignment demonstrates extensive mastery of facts, skills, and concepts, including concepts from different readings and authorities whose ideas are examined. Writing quality in terms of grammar, punctuation, usage, structure, etc., as well as reader engagement is excellent. Evidence of originality, creative thinking. Evidence of mastery of course content — including readings and other resources.

Commendable Achievement: The student produces well-argued evaluation; identifies, describes, and judges its subject; gives reasons and evidence to support the argument; is engaging, logical, attentive to the reader’s concerns; is more conventional or predictable than the writer of an exceptional assignment. Evidence of mastery of course content.

Adequate Achievement: The student produces adequately argued evaluation; identifies and judges its subject; gives at least one moderately developed reason to support the argument; lacks the authority and polish of the writer of an exceptional or commendable assignment; produces writing that, although focused and coherent, may be uneven; usually describes the subject more than necessary and argues a judgment less than necessary. Less evidence of mastery of course content. Weak in terms of analysis, dealing conceptually and critically with ideas.