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Network Assignment Help Network assignments are usually assigned to the scholars to complement their networking and management skills. Networking is a broad field in communication. The scholars need to have a practical knowledge of different concepts and tools used in network communication like Visio, Dia and other available tools. Therefore, it is recommended to the scholars pursuing or studying networking to take help and guidance from our networking tutors. You can visit on our site for more assignments. Our experts are skilled in the above mentioned tools along with competitive network designing skills. The sample look like this. Network Design The detailed design involves a simple IP addressing solution through illustration in network diagram of each office site connected in a WAN-LAN connection. The proposed network scheme lefts space for development that is comfortable and easy to manage and has the least waste of accessible IP address range allocated from a particular class. In the given scenario being a solution designer or architect in the MM Solutions, I am supporting and leading a group of number of system managers. MM Solutions is a medium size corporation that is in need of expanding its business operations. IP Addressing and Subnetworking The Corporation has obtained about six general sites crosswise Sydney to lodge its numerous divisions or sub-divisions. I am aimed and contracted to propose and scheme (design) a network via utilizing IP address of series secluded or private IP network address. The proposed network comprise of six office blocks (buildings) having a solitary router in every single office building to link the networks to each other. Each of the building comprise of its private or isolated subnetwork. The network designed as per the number of workstations in every respective office site or building block arranged in form of a LAN network with subnetting involved (Cisco, n.d.). For example, we offered the subnetwork and IP addressing scheme proposed in form a given table addressing the following office sites handling different subdivisions or operations of the organization.  Subnetwork 1 – Fiscal Office Site – 260 PCs  Subnetwork 2 – Transportation Office site – 130 PCs  Subnetwork 3 – Research Office Site ¬– 120 PCs  Subnetwork 4 – Sales Office Site – 40 PCs  Subnetwork 5 – Information Technology Office Site – 520 PCs  Subnetwork 6 – Head Office Site – 60 PCs Each site comprises of subnetwork with a particular Network ID (VLAN ID), default gateway, subnetwork mask value, DNS server value, broadcast domain space address range and usable range respectively. Subnetwork is needed for the site. For the network, we take Class C IP address range. In a Class C IP address, the original three octets are the main network portion. For the Network Base (IP Subnetworking and Addressing Scheme)  Each of the subnetwork of the LAN sites are mandatory for end-client admittance and usage that are normally allocated as /23 or /24 notation.  It limits up to 509 and 203 PCs/hosts or clients range, distinctly having a separate core router present address being employed.  Information or traffic-based subnetworks are essential for wired as well as wireless clients present on respective location of the office. Table 1: IP addressing scheme with subnetworks Network Diagram We present network diagram comprise of 6 different office sites or locations that are distributed and allocated with IP addresses with each subnetworks. These things are illustrated in the network diagram given below as: Figure 1: IP Addressing and design scheme of organization Are you struggling for getting decent grades in your network assignments? Give it a shot to Networking Assignment on for making good score in your networking assignments. Our team comprise of special tutors from different backgrounds that conveys invention in their scholar work. They work to satisfy the needs of clients set according to deadline and it shows in the assignment work. You can surf to at any instant without time limits. The experts are accessible 24X7 to manage the networking assignments and resolve each doubts. Our team offers:  Wholly innovative networking work for every single client  To maintain the individuality secret  To deliver the superior work on time