Nursing Windshield Survey Paper


When nursing educators embark on a nursing windshield survey paper, they are exploring the nursing education curriculum.

When an educator performs a nursing windshield survey, the purpose is to look at and identify what nursing content needs to be taught, how it is currently being taught, whether the nursing course material has changed in recent years, and if there have been unexpected changes and innovations maintained by faculty members.

Reports of nursing windshield surveys can include what pre-nursing students know about nursing before beginning nursing college along with indications as to what caused them to enroll in a nursing program.

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The main point of this type of report would especially be all about nursing windshield surveys, nursing school, and nursing career choice.

The uses for nursing windshield surveys vary vast and wide creating the need for nursing students to know how they can conduct them and come up with a nursing windshield survey paper.

Nursing Windshield Survey Paper

Importance of a Nursing Windshield Survey Paper

Nursing windshield surveys have proved effective in the following ways:

a. Career Choices

It helps nursing school students to know their nursing career choice as it reveals nursing school student views on nursing school, nursing profession, and nursing school curriculum.

b. Determining Quality of Nursing Training

Nursing windshield surveys help determine nursing school quality which is very important in determining the quality of your nursing training. The more effective the nursing training program will be able to produce better nurses for society especially those who rely on nurses such as hospitals, clinics, communities, and so forth.

c. Showcasing How Nurses Deal With Pressure

Nurses are always faced with various pressures from different directions such as dealing with patients depends upon how well they cope up with these pressure. Nursing windshield surveys can help show how nurses deal with this pressure by revealing the results of research.

d. Find out if Patient is Happy With their Care or Not

Another reason why nursing windshield survey paper can be used effectively is that it produces reliable information about whether or not patients were satisfied with the nursing care they receive.

This will enable nursing teams to know what they need to work on to improve the service provided by nursing services and how they could deliver better nursing care for every patient who comes through their doors.

e. Increase of Nursing Standards in Hospitals

The nursing windshield survey papers that nursing teams could use in their workplace will aid them to improve nursing standards and develop nursing competency among the nursing team members who are involved in providing nursing care for the patients in the hospital.

f. Incentives for Nursing Staffs and Patients

Nursing windshield survey papers which have been developed by nursing schools or colleges can be used as incentives in a way that if a patient is satisfied with the nursing care they receive, they may take one of these nursing surveys and give it to their nurse when he/she leaves after he/she is discharged from the hospital room.

The nurses would then know that most of their patients were very pleased with how they were taken care of while under their care or if they were not pleased, nursing schools or colleges can use these nursing windshield survey papers to improve the nursing care given to patients.

How to Conduct a Nursing Windshield Survey

To conduct a nursing windshield survey, nursing students, nursing faculty members, and nursing staff must understand the importance of utilizing this nursing windshield survey paper as a tool for both improvement and evaluation of nursing care.

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What do I need to Conduct a Nursing Windshield Survey?

To conduct a nursing windshield survey one will need:

  1. A packet of at least 100 blank nursing windshield surveys
  2. An envelope or box that one can mail these completed nursing surveys in after they have been collected via patients who are hospitalized or nursing staff working in long-term facilities such as nursing homes.

How to Collect Data Using Nursing Windshield Surveys?

The nurses should collect data using these nursing windshield surveys by first informing their patients about what these surveys are used for and that if they fill them out and send them in, nursing staff can provide more personalized care.

The nursing windshield surveys should be given to the patients to fill out and return as they leave their nursing facility or hospital room after having been discharged, if possible.

If not possible the nursing assistant can ask permission from a patient’s family member for calling back at a later time or place (residence) to ask if the patient would like to participate in this type of nursing research study. ‘

The nurse needs to make sure when returning these completed nursing surveys that they are filled out by only one patient per survey form so that no information is missed on any other individuals who need nursing care during this time.

Some nursing assistants will just randomly collect nursing windshield surveys from wherever work is done at nursing homes. Other nursing assistants will go to the nursing stations and pick up nursing windshield surveys from nursing aides that work at nursing wards or units, who may have patients they are responsible for.

The way you plan to collect data as a nurse for your nursing windshield survey paper will be dependent on the method that you think will best work for you.

How to Write a Nursing Windshield Survey Paper

The nursing windshield survey paper can be written as a windshield survey easy or a nursing research paper depending on how deep you intend to go with the topic. However, they should all follow this format.

a. Introduction

Every nursing paper will always start with an introduction. For your nursing windshield survey paper, it is highly recommended to start with an introduction to the population that was taken under consideration during the collection of the data. Also, describe what the aim of the windshield survey is using a thesis statement.

This will give the reader a broad overview of the nursing windshield survey paper topic and help them understand what you are trying to accomplish with your nursing windshield survey paper.

b. Body

The body of your nursing windshield survey paper should have all nursing research questions, results of any surveys or observations that you conduct for your nursing windshield survey paper, and also nursing analysis of those results from a nursing perspective.

If you thought of using a research paper format for your nursing windshield survey paper, the literature review will have helped you a great deal in introducing the whole concept and data to your audience. Now all that is left is going through the analysis and data assessment through your windshield survey essay

c. Conclusion

The conclusion should be a nursing windshield survey paper conclusion that concludes what has been said in your nursing windshield survey paper. It should be short and not overstepping the scope of your nursing windshield survey paper.

A nursing windshield survey is an excellent way to introduce nursing into everyday life in a non-intimidating, but interactive format.

Interpreting Results from Your Nursing Windshield Survey

As a nurse, you need to be very adaptable when it comes to the interpretation of data that deals with the patients. This is because you are dealing with the life of an individual and the wrong interpretation may mean something worse for the patients.

Your nursing windshield survey has given you the data that you needed and now you have to interpret it before you know what to do. Interpreting data will be done through writing the nursing windshield survey paper. This nursing windshield survey paper will guide your actions while nursing the patients and at the end of it all, they will be in a better condition.

The nursing windshield survey paper should contain an analysis of the key findings from your nursing windshield survey. You can use them as you see fit for the good of the patient.

The nursing windshield survey paper is applicable to all nurses irrespective of their workplace since every nursing facility has its own set of problems that need to be addressed and analyzed through writing.

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Final Thoughts

For every nurse there is, data collection analysis, assessment, and presentation is something that they have to deal with several times in their career. Writing a perfect nursing windshield survey paper is very easy especially if you have the relevant data.

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