Parents were trying to get their children out the parks, and fields: Instead, of trying to bring their child to one

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If everyone could evaluate the sizes of youths that were growing up during their time, some would agree that the youth today are giants. Some individuals can also confirm that sports was the way of life. Parents were trying to get their children out the parks, and fields: Instead, of trying to bring their child to one. Often, parents force their children to play sports or anything other outdoor activity without asking, child if the is even have an interested in the particular sport. Many times the child only plays the sport only to appease the parent, and has no desire to play the game all. With youth sports on the raise obesity rates grows more and more each year.
A common factor many people may look passed is poor nutrition. Many times adults allow their children eats what he wants due to they are in some type of sport. Football, for instance, if an individual’s son is a center on their football team. Some Parents would want them to be as big as possible. Resulting in feed them all types of food to get them big before the season. Disregarding the child’s nutrition in the process. Many individuals compare their children to how professional athletes look on television, instead of realizing that their child is kids and not an adult. Also, the child may not have the desire to play, but is bulking up to not disappoint their parents. Many times children are trying to make their mother or father happy instead of focusing on their happiness. Lastly, listening to wrong advice is also a common mistake some people make when making decision on their Childs nutrition. Often, some parents will listen to what the coach says instead of consulting with a nutrition advisor.
Many go hard parents push their kids to accomplish goals that they have not reach. So, many times I see that torch get passed on if the child wanted it or not. There are many time parents force their children to play a sport they once played when they was younger. Many time what end up happening is that their child joins a team and does not participate. This sport might causes the child may not perform well and get laugh at by his peers. Which leads into depression for some kids. Causing their child to form an eating disorder. Lastly, parents would do whatever it takes to win. If that means force their child to gain 30 pounds for the next season. The child may be good at the particular sport, but only does with to get their parents acceptance.
Sports are supposed to be a fun. Sometimes many parents will do whatever it takes to for their child to play. Sometimes parents would jeopardize their child health just because their child is a star player. Even if the child is injured. Many times some individuals would falsify doctor opinions if the child should take some time off of the season. In result, of having the possibility of the child to further hurt themselves even more. Last but not least, injuries causes idle time. Often, when a child is injured they have a lot of idle time were they eat just because they want to. Resulting, a rapid weight gain that will have a hard time to come off.
Although, this disquisition states that many kids are obese while playing sports. Some individuals should be aware that there are many kid that are doing well at sports as well. There some people who had strict diets for their children so they can perform at the operative level that is required. Also, some youth many not like the sport at first, but end up loving the sport and become compassionate about the sport later in life. Pushing their Childs to go out and participate in sports also forces them to stay in shape.
In conclusion, some individuals most pay close attention to what their child really wants to do. Sports may not be what their true passion. If some parents took the time out to listen, they could see that child might be really fascinated with baseball. This can pinpoint what the child needs and the parent can focus on their Childs happiness. This will improve their relationship: Giving motivation for what the child really want to do. They will work hard and strive for the best.