[Solved by Nursing Experts] Like Peter Helped Bring

[Solved by Nursing Experts] Like Peter Helped Bring


Bible Study Project: Application Template

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Passage: Acts 9:36-43

A. What points of application can be made using the “Four Questions for Application?” State and explain 1 point of application for each of these four questions. Your explanation for each of these points should be 1 paragraph (150-300 words) in length. 

1. The question of duty

Regarding the question of duty, Peter as a disciple of Jesus Christ, had a duty to pray for Tabitha when her life ended. It is vital to acknowledge that Tabitha was also one of the disciples. Notably, owing to the fact that Peter had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, his prayers were always heard by God. It is due to the personal relationship with Jesus and God that his prayer was heard, and Tabitha came back to life (Cartwright & Hulshof, 2016). At the Church I go to pray when a member of the church gets sick; the pastor announces it during a service and asks the church members to pray for the sick individual. 

Remarkably, Christians have a responsibility to take care of each other and love one another, for it is the greatest commandment of God. Christians should always help others in their time of need, especially when sick. As Christians, we should acknowledge that prayer is powerful because Peter was able to bring back Tabitha to life. Notably, Christians need to form personal relationships with God and Jesus Christ to increase the chances of their prayers being heard. The only way Christians can help people in need is to help them by praying for their quick recovery because God has healing powers over all sicknesses. 

2. The question of character as answered by assignment help service site.

A critical examination of the disciple, Tabitha, indicates that she is an exemplary example of good character. According to Acts 9:36, Tabitha was a woman full of good works and exhibited great deeds. It is vital to acknowledge that God often works through the Holy Spirit, which is why the Holy Spirit works through human beings, especially those who believe in God as the superior being (Cartwright & Hulshof, 2016, retrieved from https://assignmenthelpsite.com/category/social-sciences/). Notably, when human beings allow the Holy Spirit to have control over their lives, it is often evident in their actions. Remarkably, most people want to be like God because He made us in His own image and we are supposed to glorify His name for the good things He has done in our lives. It is vital to acknowledge that human beings can accept the Holy Spirit to guide their lives into righteousness through prayer. 

Just like the Holy Spirit led Tabitha, Christians can accept the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them in their daily lives. Remarkably, Christians should acknowledge that God has only good intentions, and He cannot lead them in the wrong direction. The best way for Christians to be of good character is by trusting God and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them. 

3. The question of goals

Based on the story about Tabitha, it is evident that the disciples were goal-oriented. When Tabitha died, the disciples made an effort to look for Peter to help in bringing Tabitha back to life. It is vital to acknowledge that the disciples were determined to see Tabitha rise from the dead, and this is the reason they called on Peter to help (Cartwright & Hulshof, 2016). Remarkably, the disciples had the information that Peter was not far away from Joppa, where Tabitha had died, and thus they traveled to where he was to seek his assistance. For my future career, I want to be the reason why people feel cared for and loved because I will be actively involved in helping them when they are suffering from their problems, such as addiction. I believe it is my passion is a source of motivation that has helped me to keep going to school. I have learned never to give up if the situation becomes difficult. 

Just like the disciples had a goal to save the life of Tabitha, human beings should have a purpose in life. The disciples did all they could do in their power to help save Tabitha, who had just died. Human beings, and especially Christians, should learn to trust God to help them get through difficult situations. 

4. The question of discernment

Peter, the disciple who brought Tabitha back to life, was well aware that the only thing he could do was get on his knees and pray to God, who is the provider of life. The act of Peter getting on his knees and praying to God is well stated in Acts 9:40 (Cartwright & Hulshof, 2016). It is vital to acknowledge that in difficult situations, there is a dire need to seek God’s help because He has all the solutions to our problems. There was this day that I had gone to town to make purchase some products for use in the house. I was getting into the supermarket a guy bumped into me and asked me for food. The unfortunate thing is that the guy was living on the streets, and he could not even afford to find something to eat. I sympathized with his situation and gave him all the cash I had on me. The guy got overwhelmed and greatly appreciated my kindness. As an individual who values assisting other people, I felt the need to help the needy guy. Just like Peter helped bring back Tabitha to life, it was imperative to help the stranger. 


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