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Theoretical Foundation of Nursing

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Theoretical Foundation of Nursing

Theories lay foundation of every profession. The primary use of theories in nursing is to equip nursing students with important information about the career. This is essential since it prevents the students from drawing irrelevant conclusion about the field (Yancey, 2019). It ensures that the students or other party interested in the field is equipped with all the basic knowledge about the profession.  This also aims at introducing nursing students to their future roles and generally what nursing entails.

Nursing as an art and as a science, it has played a key role in helping my personal nursing philosophy to unfold.  This is because it has helped me in understanding that majority of nursing students take the path due to passion of helping others. In my perception, it is very clear that nearly all nurses are in love with their jobs since they love the company of many patients and attending to them. It cannot be underestimated that a nurse becomes happy when they see that the patients they are attending to are getting better. That makes nursing both an art and a science.

My nursing assumption have been challenged by numerous factors, the fact that nursing is all about providing services to those around us, many nurses are going contrary to this assumption. This makes me to understand that for one to provide excellent nursing services then one has to accept it deeply from the heart. The service that a nurse will offer to a patient is what will be used in judging the nurse nursing performance. The nursing ethical values are used in monitoring the performance of nurses and by following them then one will offer the best nursing services to their patients.

Personal conflict has been a major crisis that often occurs to my nursing environment. The conflict normally arises due to poor handling of issues with my fellow nurses. Talking rudely to the patient is against the ethical principles that govern nursing. For my case it was uneasy for me to tolerate a fellow nurse talking and panting loudly to a patient. Serving and nurturing for the patients are the fundamental duties of nurses. Mostly, these patients normally are never in their best condition and that is the reason why they require nursing services. A patient can do abnormal things but as a nurse you to accept and understand and try to bring the patient in normal state without causing any harm. This action really affected my relationship with my fellow workmate building a strong bond between the patient and myself. Nursing performance was really shaken since my fellow sidelined some patients to me who were a bit complex to handle.

Illustration of my nursing philosophy has been my biggest agenda in the nursing field. Personalization with patients has been my biggest duty instead of treating the disease the patient suffers from. This has helped in creating a very unique bond with patient. The fact that I come close to the patients makes them feel loved and as a result they share their fears with me hence easy to uproot them. The core reason of reaching out to the patients regardless of their state makes them feel comfortable and have self confidence in themselves (Christopher, 2020).  My action has posted numerous positive feedbacks since even the relatives and friends of the patients saw the difference in the patients.

Meta-paradigm nursing is the set of theories which directs how the discipline should perform its function. According to my point of view the meta-paradigm primarily focuse on the nurse who is the provider of the services. This is very vital since the nurse offers great sacrifices in order to help other. For the nursing discipline, the paradigm consists of several theories whose core agenda addresses the care giver as a whole. The nursing performance is clearly stated in the theories and the type of nursing care they should offer to the patient. This shows that the meta-paradigm focuses on both internal and external surrounding of the nurses. Articulation of good relationship between the members of the nursing team is also considered in the paradigm since it will assist in ensuring that no personal conflict arises hence better health care are provided.

My nursing philosophy has positively changed.   The change has helped me to understand that not only nurses can care for the patients but also fellow patients can assist each other. This has made me understand that nursing is a mutual exercise which requires participation of all the members involved for it to effectively be of great help.

In conclusion, all the stakeholders’ should understand that proper nursing care requires enough time. This shows that for one to be perfect in offering the services then the nurse should be fully experience and the experience is acquired over time.  The nurses should understand their patient in order to offer best nursing services and also to avoid personal conflict. Theories in nursing should not be under rated for they carry important information based on nursing for the good of both the nurses and patients.


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