You must write an ethical analysis of the following case and a determination of whether or not the acts taken were immoral or no

An interrogation supervisor has been charged with unethical behavior. The supervisor authorized the use of Enhanced Interrogation Technique (EIT) on 3 former child soldiers ages 11, 13, and 17. The supervisor justified the use of lighter EIT in the first case, and waterboarding in the second cases as necessary to get actionable intelligence on their field commander who is suspected to be orchestrating a terror attack in the U.S. The 13 and 17 year olds were broken by the waterboarding and did cooperate with interrogators to help find the field commander.

The supervisor claims the actions were necessary for the greater good in all three cases as some of the information gained helped lead to the capture of the field commander, but it is not clear that the information gained from the interrogations was key in the capture of the commander.

Was the supervisor’s behavior immoral? Why or why not?