Health care policy, teaching plan, culminating experience and


1) Minimum 7 full pages (No word count per page)- Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum three paragraphs per part.

             Part 1: Minimum 1 page

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             Part 2: minimum 1 page

             Part 3: Minimum 1 page

             Part 4: minimum 1 page

             Part 5: Minimum 1 page

             Part 6: minimum 1 page

             Part 7: Minimum 1 page


Submit 1 document per part

2)¨******APA norms

          All paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraphs

          Bulleted responses are not accepted

          Don’t write in the first person 

          Don’t copy and paste the questions.

          Answer the question objectively, do not make introductions to your answers, answer it when you start the paragraph

Submit 1 document per part

3)****************************** It will be verified by Turnitin (Identify the percentage of exact match of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks) 

********************************It will be verified by SafeAssign (Identify the percentage of similarity of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)

4) Minimum 3 references per part not older than 5 years

5) Identify your answer with the numbers, according to the question. Start your answer on the same line, not the next


Q 1. Nursing is XXXXX

Q 2. Health is XXXX

6) You must name the files according to the part you are answering: 


Part 1.doc 



Part 1: Health Care Policy

Go to the following website by clicking on the provided link

After reviewing the website and the health outcomes in the County Health Rankings, answer the following questions.

Specific health concern: Sexually transmitted infections

1. Briefly list the general statistics pertaining to a specific health concern that is on the rise in selected city/county. 

2. How can the creation of a community health center program help to address this public health problem?

3. What can you as a nurse practitioner and/or nurse leader do to influence policy innovation to resolve the problem?

Part 2: Teaching Plan

Your Role: Educator 

SIM topic:  Perception and Response  of nurses to  alarm fatigue in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Site: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital


1. Identify the perception of nurses about alarms and their impact on the care of their patients.

2. Identify possible occurrence of alarm fatigue in the clinical setting in nurses.

3. Strategies to reduce alarm fatigue in the clinical setting


Intensive Care Unit Nurses aged between forty and fifty years. The nurses are well experienced in the intensive care unit; hence the lesson will be essential in improving their ability to deliver top quality services within the pediatric intensive care unit. 

Provide a list of 10 questions that you will ask during your SIM lesson. 

1. Provide questions that are based on the student demographics (2), lesson objectives (2), learning levels and styles (2), potential classroom management situations (2), and the learning setting(2). 

2. Why will you ask these specific questions of your students? What answers do you expect to receive?

Part 3: Culminating Experience

Please, check Part 3 File 1

The NLN vision series is considered a roadmap for where nurse education is headed. Review the different statements listed at the following link (Links to an external site.) 


NLN Vision #18: The Fair Testing Imperative in Nursing Education (PDF), Updated November 2020

NLN Vision #6: A Vision for Recognition of the Role of Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses in Advancing the Nation’s Health (PDF), September 2014

Consider where your research proposal most closely fits within or aligns with the listed statements (Part 3 File 1).

1. Explain in detail why you feel it aligns with the NLN’s vision.

Part 4: Trends and Issues in Health Care

 1. Explain how interprofessional collaboration will help :

a. Reduce errors

b. Provide higher-quality care

c. Increase safety. 

2. Provide an example of a current or emerging trend that will require more, or change the nature of, interprofessional collaboration.

Part 5: Trends and Issues in Health Care

1. Describe one innovative health care delivery model that incorporates an interdisciplinary care delivery team. 

2. Explain how this model is advantageous to patient outcomes.

Part 6: Nursing Research

1. Describe the difference between a nursing practice problem and a medical practice problem. 

a. Provide one example of each. 

2. Discuss why is it important to ensure your PICOT is based on a nursing practice problem.

Part 7: Nursing Research

Nursing research is used to study a dilemma or a problem in nursing. 

1. Examine a problem you have seen in nursing. 

2. Provide an overview of the problem 

a. Discuss why the problem should be studied.