A nursing annotated bibliography is a list of sources used for nursing research. It provides complete references with brief descriptions of all the nursing or nursing-related articles, books, journals, and other resources that you have used in order to prepare your nursing paper.

Annotated bibliographies are required by most schools for nursing assignments unless you have made an effort to avoid using any sources. Annotated bibliographies must be structured properly so that they can be read like a summary of nursing and nursing-related articles, books, and journals.

Some schools require nursing students to use specific types of citations while others allow you to use their own format. As with all school papers, make sure that whatever method you use conforms to your school regulations.

We take a dive into nursing annotated bibliography, factoring the most important aspects to help you understand what they are and how you can use them.

Nursing Annotated Bibliography

What Role Do Nursing Annotated Bibliographies Play?

Nursing annotated bibliography has many roles that it plays including the following:

  1. Nursing annotated bibliography serves to recount nursing history, nursing theory, and nursing development.
  2. Nursing annotated bibliographies have the important role of acting as a historical guide for nursing students who might be new to nursing or are interested in learning more about their area of interest.
  3. They act as nursing theory guides for nursing students who are in pre-licensure nursing programs.
  4. They serve the role of nursing resource guide by directing nursing students to specific books and journals that could help them with their nursing research assignments.
  5. Nursing annotated bibliographies play is acting as a starting point for new nurses who might look to start out their nursing career with basic knowledge about nursing
  6. With the advancement of technology, many nursing schools started providing nursing annotated bibliographies online through secure databases that can only be accessed by authorized users such as nursing faculty and librarians.

A nursing annotated bibliography is really vital in nursing studies. This only leaves one question, how do you write nursing annotated bibliographies?

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You Format to Nursing Annotated Bibliography

To write the perfect nursing annotated bibliography, you need to stick to the expected format that your professor or lecturer expects you to write in. To create an annotated bibliography, follow the following steps:

a) Locate and Record Citations

This is the first step to creating the ultimate nursing annotated bibliography. You have to find the nursing journal articles that you will use in your nursing annotated bibliography.

b) Cite the Source Using the Appropriate Style

After locating and recording the citations, you have to create the citations in whatever format is expected from you. This can be in any format including, OSCOLA, Chicago, MLA, APA, HARVARD, or any other academic writing format acceptable by your institution.

c) Write You Annotation

The annotation should be written and should include a summary of the nursing article with a critical analysis. The nursing annotated bibliography should include points like, “What nursing concepts were addressed in this article?” or “How does nursing theory apply to this nursing article?”

Make sure that you make a remark to your intended audience, evaluate the author’s authority, compare or contrast the work you are citing and be sure to make known what topic your nursing annotated bibliography is focusing on.

d) Refine Your Article

This is the final step to creating an excellent nursing annotated bibliography assignment. You have to edit and refine your bibliography paper until it becomes error-free and perfect. This requires you to review all your work very carefully one last time before submission.

e) Submit for Grading (Optional but Recommended)

It is entirely optional whether you submit your nursing annotated bibliography, though it will be beneficial if you do.

Submitting your nursing annotated bibliography will make you check and double-check your nursing annotated bibliography again because it gives you an opportunity to see if there are any errors that need your attention.

Common Mistakes in Nursing Annotated Bibliography

There are many mistakes that students make as they write their nursing annotated bibliographies which definitely should be avoided. These mistakes are the following:

1. Using Keywords

Do not use unnecessary keywords in your nursing annotated bibliography. Some students however tend to fill their nursing annotated bibliography with unnecessary words which make the nursing annotated bibliography for nursing assignments appear longer than is needed.

It is good to avoid these mistakes and ensure that keywords are used appropriately for each nursing annotation of nursing articles selected for your nursing annotated bibliography so as not to make your nursing annotated bibliography for nursing assignments look complicated.

2. Stick to the Word Limit

Your nursing annotated bibliography for the nursing assignment has a certain limit to the words that can fit in it. This is why it is recommended that you ensure every nursing article in your nursing annotated bibliography has 100 words or less.

Exceeding the word count means that you are losing grades, something that you can easily avoid by making the nursing articles in your nursing annotated bibliography shorter.

3. Write Concise Nursing Annotations

The nursing annotations are what help readers understand why a particular nursing article has been selected for your nursing annotated bibliography even though it may not be ranked number one.

Omitting the nursing annotations means you will waste efforts since nursing annotation helps you explain why a nursing article is important or useful to an audience.

Remember, the nursing annotations should help you convince readers that the nursing articles listed in your nursing annotated bibliography for the nursing assignments are relevant and worth reading.

4. Don’t Plagiarize Other Nurses’ Words

Nursing annotated bibliography should not be plagiarized at any measure possible. While nursing annotated bibliography may be a nursing assignment that is time-consuming, nursing students should not resort to plagiarizing nursing articles.

To avoid nursing student nursing annotated bibliography being considered as plagiarized nursing essay be sure to check the plagiarism report by taking it through services such as Turnitin.

5. Referencing

You should only include nursing articles from journals and websites among your recommended resources for nursing annotated bibliography. It is good to note that nursing articles from books can also be used in the nursing assignment.

In fact, they are necessary as well since they offer more details about the nursing strategies being discussed. Therefore, they make good recommendations for nursing annotated bibliographies and their inclusion will not affect its quality at all.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursing Annotated Bibliography

There are several things that you can do to create a nursing annotated bibliography that will do nothing less than wowing your professors and lecturers. These are some things you can do to create the best nursing annotated bibliography.

1. Prepare

Before you start putting things down in the nursing annotated bibliography, it is good to understand the kind of format that your professor wants. Reading the nursing assignments guidelines will help you get a better understanding of what you need to do and how you can go about it.

It will also save nursing annotated bibliography papers from errors since all aspects of nursing are bound to be covered in the nursing assignment guidelines. Additionally, reading through them gives students a general idea of what they should expect throughout the nursing course and which areas they must explore for their nursing assignments.

2. Choosing Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliographies

You must take time observing patient patterns as well as studying nursing theories before choosing good topics for nursing annotated bibliographies.

It is always good to pick nursing topics that you are comfortable with so that nursing annotated bibliography will not take too much of your time and effort in nursing assignments writing. A wide range of nursing assignments available at nursing schools helps students choose good topics for nursing annotated bibliographies.

3. Formatting the Nursing Assignment

There are several ways through which nursing assignments can be formatted in a nursing essay but it is important to follow them as specified by the professors to avoid poor marks or even expulsion from school.

You can either format it on an outline form (placing headings on a paper) or write it paragraph style without any heading and make sure that paragraphs are concise, clear, and error-free while discussing nursing assignment topics.

4. Make Your Annotation Concise

It’s vital that you are able to make your nursing annotation bibliography direct and concise. That applies to good topics for nursing annotated bibliography as well. Just recall that nursing is a clinical science and your nursing essay topic should be one that gels in with the nursing field.

Ready to Create Your Nursing Annotated Bibliography?

It doesn’t have to be the hardest thing to do when it comes to writing your nursing annotated bibliography. As long as you know how to deal with creating citations and you have a great idea of the good topic for nursing annotated bibliography, you have no option but to ace this.

Nursing Annotated Bibliography

In case you are not that great even with the basics, don’t stress, yea don’t fret because you can still learn. This has been your guide to making the perfect nursing annotated bibliography. Do you think you are ready to write your first perfect nursing annotated bibliography?