Over The Past Weeks, You Have Been Introduced To Behaviorism, Cognitivism, And Constructivism In Relationship To Learning Psychology. To Further Expand Your Knowledge And Understanding Of Constructivism


Over the past weeks, you have been introduced to Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism in relationship to learning psychology. To further expand your knowledge and understanding of Constructivism and its theoretical components/principles, in this paper you will research and write about one of the prominent constructivists listed below based on the first letter of your last name. Please look over the list to find the constructivist who corresponds with the first letter of your last name:
Last name begins with P-T: Jean Piaget (1896–1980)
To successfully accomplish this assignment:
First, create the following headings and subheadings in your paper to indicate the organization of your information. (Note: The bullets will not be included in your paper and are included here only for organizational purposes.)
Introduction- The introduction is based on the principle of introducing the topic of the paper. A good introduction explains what you will be addressing. In this paper it will specifically, in a broad way, clarify each area (below) that you will be discussing. Often, writer’s write this last to make sure nothing is forgotten.
Researcher’s Biography/Background (Vygotsky’s Biography)- Under this heading, you will provide the important historical perspectives of your subject’s life and work and how these influenced his/her work in this field. Information on the subject’s personal and professional background should be logically presented.
Researcher’s Theoretical Perspectives- Under this heading, you will describe the theoretical perspectives and other major concepts pioneered or promoted by your subject.
Experiments and Findings-Under this subheading you will provide a thorough summary of at least two empirical research projects your subject performed including the empirical findings of the research.
Historical Trends- Under this subheading, you will provide information on the trends which lead to your subject’s line of research.
Notable Characteristics- Under this subheading you will provide information about the cognitivist and his/her line of research and how it exemplifies the cognitivist constructs.
Conclusion- This can be hard to write because the writer thinks everything has already been said. However, this is where the writer leaves behind an impression about the writer and what he/she wrote about. The reader often remembers the last part of what has been read, so consider how you want someone reading your paper to remember what you wrote.
Next, apply basic research methods in psychology to your paper by accessing the Ashford University Library and researching at least three appropriate peer-reviewed articles about your assigned researcher. Write key words under each heading to help you remember what you have read. Be sure to use these sources to support your statements within the paper. Cite your sources according to APA style, but do not directly quote them within your paper. If you have apprehensions about synthesizing the material you read and plan on including in your writing, please click here for additional assistance.
Now you will put it all together, by using the key words to help you write about what you learned. Try not to, at first, use the sources directly. Try to remember what you can and just write about what you learned to avoid plagiarism issues.
After you have accomplished this, go back to your sources adding in the citations of where you learned the information and clarifying points. Read your paper aloud to make sure it makes sense. It is not unusual for writing a paper that our mind will actually fill in the blanks of missed information, but the reader cannot do this, so reading it aloud is helpful.
Make corrections and continue to edit and clean up your paper.
Add your references. Make sure what you include is applied within your paper as well. Do not use quotes if possible
You must use in-text citations. Also, I imagine that it would be impossible to use the Ashford University Library due to no access to it. So overlook that part if you have to and use the credible sources you can use.

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